2020 Election: Here are a few things we do know

It’s the day after the election and while there’s a lot unknown, there are a few things we do know: 

In Washington State, our Union’s priorities are to stop the DSHS cuts, fund our caregiver contract, and pass progressive revenue next legislative sessionAn important step in this fight is electing legislators that are committed to our priorities, and the initial results look promising – in several key State Senate races, the candidates caregivers endorsed and fought for are ahead. Caregivers around the state knew what was at stake this election and took action. What happens in Olympia matters to all of us, and we will monitor the results as they come in and keep you updated. 

Votes take time to count. In Washington state we’re used to not knowing the outcome of the vote on election night, because we’ve voted successfully by mail for years. As ballots get counted, remember it’s important that every vote is counted – not just in Washington, but around the country. Democracy can take time, and it’s worth the wait. 

Waiting is hard. Our state and country just held a national election in the middle of a global pandemic, and uncertainty on top of uncertainty is hard on all of usThe SEIU 775 Benefits Group provides mental health resources for caregivers. Please make sure to take care of yourselves. 

We’ll be watching results come in for the next few days, and we’ll keep you updated. 

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