\ $70 Million in back pay awarded to home care workers

$70 Million in back pay awarded to home care workers

SEIU 775 caregivers never give up. They’ve been in Olympia advocating for long-term care this legislative session.

April 2, 2015 – Governor Inslee and the state Legislature have approved a supplemental budget that includes $70 million in funding for back pay for home care workers whose hours were cut due to the “Shared Living” rule between 2003 and 2007. This is a huge victory in a 10-year battle to win back these hours.

Starting in 2003, tens of thousands of home care workers had wages illegally taken from them when DSHS automatically cut their clients’ hours if they shared a residence with the caregiver.

Since DSHS first imposed the shared living rule, SEIU 775 fought to win back what rightfully belongs to home care workers and clients—first at DSHS headquarters and their offices in our communities, then at the bargaining table, and years of legal battles in court.

Now over the next few months current and former caregivers whose hours were cut because of this rule will receive $70 million in back pay.

Over the next few months, a claims administrator named Gilardi & Co. will be sending checks to caregivers whose hours were cut. Workers will not have to apply for their back pay. Gilardi will send out checks based on the state’s records of who got cut because of this rule.

Caregivers who believe they may be entitled to money and want to update their address so that their check goes to the correct location can update their information at:


Caregivers should call the Member Resource Center toll-free at 1-866-371-3200 if they receive a check and believe it is the wrong amount.

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