Join the fight to save Medicaid!

Under the guise of repealing the Affordable Care Act, the plan Republicans are trying to jam through Congress will cut billions from long term care for working families so they can fund tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. We can’t let this happen and we’re uniting and taking action.


What’s more, by taking away funding for care, the repeal plan also slashes funding for our caregiving jobs — tearing away both the Medicaid safety net and throwing millions of people into deeper poverty. Caregivers dedicate our careers to serving seniors, our elders, our children — people with illnesses, with short term and long term disabilities, people who are simply aging and need a little extra help to remain living in their own home. Instead of this proposal, we need a comprehensive plan to keep families, patients, and vulnerable members of communities covered.

People rely on caregivers every day to both survive and thrive. We deserve respect from our elected leaders and our neighbors, and cannot survive unless our professional work to pays us enough to rent a home, feed ourselves and our families and to help build strong, thriving communities.

This plan hurts hard-working caregivers and their families who already struggle to make ends meet. This is an unacceptable option and we will fight back.


Call Congress: 866-426-2631

Attend a vigil in your community on March 18th at 7pm

SPOKANE –  Cowley Park, 602 S. Division St. Spokane

Facebook event link >>>

WENTACHEE – Out front of the Wenatchee Convention Center, 121 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee

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YAKIMA – Millennium Plaza, 22 S 3rd St., Yakima

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VANCOUVER – Ester Short Park, meet by the Fish Statue 600 Columbia St, Vancouver

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ISSAQUAH – Veterans Memorial Park, 120 2nd Ave NE, Issaquah

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