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SEIU 775 Endorses Bi-Partisan Slate In Key Senate Races

Long-term Care Workers Union Endorses Mullett (5), Probst (17), Dammeier (25), Litzow (41)

Federal Way – SEIU Healthcare 775NW, representing more than 40,000 long-term care workers statewide, endorsed a bi-partisan slate of candidates in key state senate races today, choosing Democrats Mark Mullett in LD 5 and Tim Probst in LD 17, and Republicans Bruce Dammeier in LD 25 and Steve Litzow in LD 41.

“As the senior population expands our state is going to face significant long-term care workforce challenges,” said SEIU 775 Vice-President Adam Glickman. “We believe these candidates will be leaders in the effort to lift caregivers out of poverty, stabilize the caregiver workforce and ensure quality care for the most vulnerable.”

View all of SEIU 775’s endorsements. 

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SEIU Healthcare 775NW Endorses Nickels, Finkbeiner in Statewide Races

Federal Way – SEIU Healthcare 775NW, the state’s largest union local representing more than 40,000 long-term care workers across the state, issued a set of endorsements including Republican Bill Finkbeiner for Lieutenant Governor and Democrat Greg Nickels for Secretary of State.

“As as a Senator Bill Finkbeiner supported collective bargaining rights for public employees and supported health benefits and wage improvements for low-wage home care workers. Greg Nickels has a long history of standing up for working families and the most vulnerable. These are the kinds of leaders we need to fight for the middle class and the 99% in Olympia,” said SEIU Healthcare 775NW Vice-President Adam Glickman-Flora.

SEIU 775 has also endorsed a bi-partisan slate of legislative candidates, including:

  • Former nursing home aide and long-term care ombudsman Lauren Walker in LD 27


  • Civil rights and disability rights advocate Cyrus Habib in LD 48
  • Longshore workers’ leader Jeff Davis in LD 35
  • Joint endorsement for union plumber Dusty Hoerler and transit activist Jessyn Farrell in LD 46
  • Labor organizer Ben Lawver in LD 29


  • House Speaker Frank Chopp (LD 43), Majority Leader Pat Sullivan (LD 47), Senators David Frockt (LD 46), Kevin Ranker (LD 40), Jim Hargrove (LD 24), Mary Margaret Haugen (LD 10), Representatives Tami Green (LD 28), Ross Hunter (LD 48), Roger Goodman (LD 45),  Luis Moscoso and Derek Stanford (LD 1), and others


  • Republican House Minority Leader Richard Debolt (LD 20) and Representatives Gary Alexander (LD 2), Kevin Parker (LD 6) and Joe Schmick (LD 9)

A full list of SEIU Healthcare 775NW endorsements can be found at:

SEIU 775 previously announced endorsements for Jay Inlsee and Bob Ferguson, and additional endorsements for legislature and statewide offices will be made over the next several weeks.




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