Remembering Dave Lindberg


Dave Lindberg, one of SEIU 775’s most energetic and dedicated leaders and activists, passed away early Monday morning, November 9th.

“Dave embodies the very best of what it means to be a leader and a trade unionist,” said SEIU 775 President David Rolf.  “Dave’s tenacity and courage led him all over the country fighting for justice. His leadership and activism made life better for thousands of caregivers, their clients and their families.”

Dave, known affectionately by his brothers and sisters as “Purple Papa,” joined SEIU 775 at its formation in 2002. His commitment to elevating caregivers led him to serve on IP bargaining teams that made landmark gains for home care workers, and he eventually became an Executive Board member in 2009. Dave was a dedicated parent provider, and worked on numerous organizing, legislative and election campaigns in support of long-term caregivers.

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“Kindness, courage and compassion are words you hear over and over again when people describe their interactions with Dave,” said SEIU 775 Vice President Sterling Harders. “He was always positive and had an incredible ability to build individual relationships—it was impossible not to like him.”

Harder’s and others’ description was hardly overreaching; even in the week before his passing, Dave was visiting members and seniors, organizing and doing things to bring happiness.

“Dave always showed moral leadership and was a fighter with an ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to win’ attitude,” said SEIU 775 Secretary-Treasurer Adam Glickman.  “His instincts were always to do what was right and he brought energy to everything he did.”

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