BOZEMAN – There has been an ongoing discussion in Washington on how much to spend for President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Anna Volkersz, a home care worker in Bozeman—says the waiting is costly not only for her but for her clients.

“It takes a special person to do what we’re doing,” says Volkersz “We help take care of seniors, elderly, disabled, developmentally disabled also, we’re getting a lot more mental health clients.”

With the pandemic, Montana’s high cost of living, and the worker shortage, Anna is not sure she can keep up with her calling.

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SEATTLE — Thousands of state workers caring for some of Washington’s most vulnerable people are not included in Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate.

This includes individual providers who care for people in their own homes. The job could mean administering medication, helping with bathing or running errands.

The Department of Social and Health Services says there are around 46,000 of these workers who are contracted by the state.

The governor’s office points to data that shows 75% of individual providers caring for a relative, some in their own homes, as one reason for the exemption.

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