I want to share with you a step forward in our fight to get all caregivers the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we need, like masks.

After advocating hard with the Governor’s office and DSHS, we successfully pushed to have home care workers included in the official state “priority lists” for access to PPE.

In the next days, you’ll receive information from DSHS about their new guidelines for in-home caregivers and PPE. Caregivers who provide care for someone who is “Confirmed” (tested positive for COVID-19) or “Suspected” (pending test results OR medical provider verified the symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, but will not test) can request PPE through your Area Agency on Aging (AAA).

This is a step forward – and some caregivers will be able to get PPE – but it’s not enough.

The coronavirus spreads long before there are symptoms. That’s why we’re:

  1. Demanding ALL caregivers have PPE, hazard pay, and pay for lost hours. Add you name to our petition here.
  2. Working with the Benefits Group to get support on guidance on what caregivers can do to stay safe.
  3. Asking you to share a photo on social media of you with a sign saying why you need PPE. Make sure to tag @seiu775 and use the hashtags #GetMePPE and #ProtectAllWorkers

If we can get the equipment and resources we need, caregivers can prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re a vital and essential link in stopping this pandemic!

We will continue to fight to make sure caregivers and our communities are taken care of during this time.

Be well,

Sterling Harders

SEIU 775 President

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