Governor Bullock Announces Emergency Rules to Streamline Unemployment Benefits for Workers Impacted by COVID-19:

  • The rules allow a claimant directed by their employer to leave work or not report to work due to COVID-19 to qualify as being temporarily laid off by the employer and eligible for benefits. Workers who must quarantine or who need to take care of a family member due to COVID-19 are also considered temporarily laid off and eligible for benefits.
  • Allows DLI to waive the one week waiting period before typically receiving benefits to ensure Montanans don’t experience a long gap without a paycheck.
  • Montana employers will receive help through these rules. Individual claims will not be chargeable to a specific employer’s account. The rules also include a provision that could extend the time employers have to file wage reports and pay unemployment insurance contributions if the delay is related to COVID-19.

Hazard Pay: Montana caregivers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 epidemic. We’re demanding that the federal stimulus money goes towards Hazard Pay for home care, DD and nursing home workers.

PPE: SEIU is working on a federal petition to try and get home care and nursing home workers access to Personal Protective Equipment AND to demand the federal government release a stockpile that they have. You can sign the petition here.

Information from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services on COVID-19: Resources and contact information for your local health or tribal health departments.

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