Now through September 24, members can enroll in four new family benefits plans provided by MetLife, including:

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September 24, 2018

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Deadline to enroll:
11:59 p.m. Monday, September 24

Go to our online Open Enrollment website to enroll, today!

To log in, use your Member ID as your username. Your password is your Member ID number backward. If you don’t know your Member ID, call our Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200.

To be eligible for these insurance programs, you must be a member in good standing.

Read our Open Enrollment Facts for more information.

Family Dental Insurance

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is

Dental insurance can help you maximize your oral health while minimizing out-of-pocket costs for routine dental checkups, expensive procedures and most everything in between.

These Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans available for you and any dependents you wish to cover, offer members flexibility to visit any licensed dentist so you’re sure to find a provider who’s conveniently located and meets all your needs. Some highlights of this coverage include:

  • Large network of dentists, and the freedom to visit any dentist in or out-of-network.
  • Additional savings when you visit a participating dentist. Participating dentists have agreed to accept negotiated fees for covered services, which are typically 30 – 45% less than the average fees charged by dentists in the same community.
  • No paperwork in or out-of-network, if your dentist submits your claims for you.
  • Service where and when you want it on our secure member website.
  • Preventive care, such as cleanings, are typically 100% covered when using an in-network provider.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Financial Security for Your Loved Ones

A death in the family is not only emotionally devastating, it can also take a tremendous toll on the future financial security of a family. Suddenly, without the deceased’s income, paying the mortgage or providing for a child’s future may become much more difficult.

Those who buy life insurance do so to help ensure their loved ones are taken care of financially.

In the event of your passing or the passing of a covered dependent, life insurance provides money directly to the individuals you select, your beneficiaries, who can use the money as they see fit, including:

  • Replacing lost income
  • Covering basic living expenses
  • Paying household debts, estate taxes, and funeral expenses
  • Funding a child’s future
  • Supplementing retirement savings

If you purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself, you can also purchase coverage on your spouse, civil union partner or domestic partner, and eligible children.

This is separate from the Union-paid life insurance, which is provided through Membership Plus.

Family Vision Insurance

Look Toward the Future With Better Vision

Help protect the eyesight and health of every member of your family, with lower out-of-pocket expenses for you.

  • Save on a wide range of services that are standard benefits under this plan, including routine eye exams, glasses, contact fittings, and lenses. Plus, additional savings on non-prescription sunglasses and laser vision correction.
  • Convenience of visiting any licensed eye care professional. Or choose from the thousands of participating ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians working out of private practices or top retail chains, such as Costco® Optical, Pearle Vision, America’s Best, Cohen’s, VisionWorks, and more.
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when you visit a participating vision care provider.

Family Accident/Critical Illness Insurance

Protect Your Family and Put Cash In Your Pocket

Accidents and Critical illnesses can happen when you least expect them – and they can be costly. Even quality medical plans can leave you with extra expenses to pay. Costs like plan deductibles, copays for doctor visits and extra costs for out-of-network care can add up fast. Having the financial support you may need when the time comes means less worry for you and your family.

While most medical plans provide coverage for hospital and medical expenses, they don’t typically cover costs like daily living expenses, childcare, or copays. The Benefits Enhancer Bundle can help close the gap.

The insurance program pays you a lump sum of money to use at your discretion should you or your dependent have a serious accident or face dealing with a critical illness such as:

  • Injuries: fractures, dislocations, concussions, lacerations, eye injuries, torn knee cartilage, ruptured discs, and second and third-degree burns.
  • Medical services and treatments: ambulance, emergency care, therapy services, medical testing (including x-rays, MRIs, CT scans), medical appliances, and certain types of surgeries.
  • Hospitalization: hospital admission, confinement, and inpatient rehab after an accident.
  • Critical Illnesses: several types of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Open Enrollment Facts

  • Your online benefits enrollment is from Saturday, July 21 to 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 24, 2018.
  • Plans are effective starting September 1, 2018 if you enroll by August 24. Plans are effective starting October 1, 2018 if you enroll between August 25 and September 24.
  • This is the one time of year to make changes to your benefits without a qualifying event.
  • We understand the importance of helping you find the right plan to fit your needs and your budget, that’s why we are providing you with an online source to find everything you need in one place.
  • Take this opportunity to review and/or update Beneficiary information.
  • You must take action and elect or decline in this year’s benefits offerings.
  • You will need the names, birthdates, and Social Security numbers of all eligible dependents you wish to enroll.
  • You will need to be a member in good standing. If you are not already a member, complete your Union membership form (it may take up to a week to process your membership form).
  • Access tools to receive online education and guidance every step of the way that help you compare and buy coverage that is right for you.

Open Enrollment is a part of Membership Plus, which helps make your paychecks go further on things you’d be spending money on anyways and little extras just for you. View the Membership Plus website for a complete list of your benefits and discounts.

These insurance programs are separate from SEIU 775 Benefits Group’s healthcare insurances, which held their open enrollment July 1-20.

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