SEIU 775 Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals Report: 2023-2032

Ten years ago, our Union established a committee of members and elected leaders to build a guiding vision for our future. That committee set big goals, and thanks to the hard work and leadership of caregivers across our states, we’ve made huge progress:

  • We said we were going to lift caregivers out of poverty and since then we’ve almost doubled wages, won first of its kind retirement, and now caregivers make an average of more than $20 an hour.
  • We said we were going to build powerful, sustainable, and scalable worker organizations, and now we have more member leaders than ever before.
  • We said we were going to transform health and long-term care and we passed the nation’s FIRST long-term care social insurance program.
  • We said we were going to increase prosperity and decrease inequality, and we won funding for a Working Families’ Tax Credit to help rebalance our upside-down tax system.

Together, we achieved much of our plan, and yet we know we still have a long way to go. And we are also facing new challenges – the world looks different than it did 10 years ago.

To look ahead to the next 10 years of our Union, SEIU 775 President Sterling Harders called together a new Vision Committee: a group of elected officers and member leaders and activists, including Parent Providers, in-home caregivers, and nursing home workers. We were charged with evaluating and reimagining our SEIU 775 Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, and drafting recommendations for our next 10 years.

We met over the past 10 months, in day-long intensive meetings held in multiple languages. We read, heard from subject matter experts, debated, and discussed. And, to make sure our recommendations reflected the caregivers in our Union, we gathered input at multiple member meetings all across Washington and Montana and surveyed members who we couldn’t meet in person with an email poll.

This is our report with our recommendations for our Union to vote on and approve. This will be our guide for our Union’s next 10 years.


Sterling Harders, SEIU 775 President
Adam Glickman, SEIU 775 Secretary-Treasurer
Andrew Beane, SEIU 775 Vice President
Shaine Truscott, SEIU 775 Vice President
Tangie Webb, SEIU 775 Vice President
Delphine Camarillo AP, Billings, MT
Alyssa Evans IP, Concrete WA
Eva Gantala IP, Monroe WA
Jianjun He, AP, Federal Way WA
Shelly Hughes, NH, Everson, WA
IP= Individual Provider
AP= Agency Provider
NH = Nursing Home Worker
Darryl Johnson, AP, Lakewood, WA
Wei “Kandie” Luo, IP/AP, Bellevue, WA
Ana Maria Moreno de Riojas IP, Sunnyside WA
Rhonda Parker, IP, Bucoda, WA
Dora Poqui, IP, Lakewood, WA
Manuela “Nelly” Prieto, IP, Sunnyside, WA
Anna Stusser IP, Olympia WA
Melissah Watts IP, Seattle WA
Brittany Williams, IP/AP, Burien, WA
Susan “Susie” Young, AP, Spokane, WA
SEIU 775 2022 Vision Committee

Our SEIU 775 Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Ten years ago, our first Vision Committee established a mission, vision, values, and goals for SEIU 775, and those were adopted by our membership at the 2013 Convention. Our mission statement reflects in one sentence what our Union is about. Our vision statement looks ahead to what we want the world to look like when we achieve our mission and goals. Our values are the core of who we are as a Union. Our goals guide our strategic planning over the next 10 years.

The vision committee is proposing the following Mission, Vision, Values and Goals for our next 10 years.


Our mission is to unite the strength of all caregivers, to create a better life for ourselves and those we care for, and to lead the way to a more just and equitable world.


We are motivated by our vision of the future:

  • Where caregivers and all workers can support ourselves and our families
  • Where we can build a life of dignity for those we care for
  • Where caregiving is a respected profession that attracts and retains a high-quality workforce
  • Where all workers have the opportunity to join a union to improve their lives
  • Where everyone has quality, affordable healthcare
  • Where we create a more equitable, inclusive, and healthy world for all


  • Unity – Our strength comes from our unity as caregivers and solidarity with other movements
  • Dignity – Our Union is the pathway to earn respect and dignity for our work
  • Leadership – We will lead with integrity and give everyone the opportunity to be a leader in our Union
  • Equity – We will lift up the voices of all caregivers, especially those from communities with the least access to power
  • Accountability – To win, we must hold those in power accountable and be accountable to each other
  • Persistence – We are relentless in our fight for our vision of the future


Goal 1: Make Caregiving a Good Career

In the last decade, we have made incredible progress to lift tens of thousands of caregivers out of poverty.

Washington State home care workers in our Union have the best wages and benefits in the country – making an average of more than $20 per hour in 2022, with affordable healthcare and the only retirement benefit of its kind in the country for home care workers. Nursing home workers in our Union have made huge progress, also getting to $20 per hour but still fighting for affordable healthcare and safer staffing. Montana caregivers are still organizing for more power but have also seen great improvements in wages and healthcare since joining our Union. 

But even with our progress, too many long-term care workers continue to struggle with low wages and inadequate benefits – and that’s not right. The caregiving workforce is overwhelmingly women and disproportionally Black women, Indigenous women, women of color and Immigrants. Supporting home care workers supports families and entire communities. We deserve to be treated, and compensated, like the healthcare professionals we are.

To Make Caregiving a Good Career, we must win: 

  • Economic Security. All caregivers should be able to comfortably provide for themselves and their families.
  • Affordable Healthcare. All caregivers need affordable health coverage they can count on for themselves and their families. 
  • Retirement. Ensure that all caregivers have a secure retirement by building on our first-in-the-nation retirement benefit.

“Secure funding and increased wages and benefits are key to ensuring we as caregivers are taken care of today, and that we will have a strong caregiving workforce in the future. The people we care for deserve to live in dignity, and those of us caring for them deserve the dignity of pay, benefits, and protections equal to the importance of our profession.”

Susie Young, AP
Spokane, WA

Goal 2: Build Power for Caregivers and All Workers

The 45,000 caregivers of SEIU 775 have built one of the most powerful Unions in the Northwest. Every year thousands of caregivers join together to welcome new members into our Union, advocate for ourselves and those we care for, and share our stories with the world. Thousands more donate every month to our political accountability fund to elect lawmakers who support caregivers and UNelect lawmakers who don’t.

In a country where union membership is under attack, caregivers in Washington, Montana,  and Alaska are fighting to make sure they can join SEIU 775 and our vision of a just future. We are continuing to support caregivers trying to organize in states around the country, as well as supporting workers organizing in other industries in our states.

We accomplish extraordinary victories for working people when we unite our power with other unions and our allies.

To Build Power for Caregivers and All Workers, we will:

  • Build Member Leadership. Continue to sign up new members and ensure everyone can be active in our Union in the language of their choice.
  • Grow our Union. Help long-term care workers across the Northwest, including in nursing homes in Montana and Washington, and Personal Care Attendants in Alaska, unite into our Union.
  • Work in Solidarity. Support the unprecedented union organizing across the country and build strong relationships with organizations that share our vision, including organizations of seniors and people with disabilities.

“It took a lot of work — I mean years and years and years — of work to get to this point, but this year we doubled our homecare membership in Montana. Our Union started organizing in Montana back in 2007 and I know there are caregivers who have been fighting for this since the beginning. We’ve never stopped fighting to make sure caregiving is a job that’s treated with dignity and respect. I know what a difference the Union has made in my life, so it’s rewarding to talk with other caregivers about our Union.”

Delphine Camarillo, AP
Billings, MT

Goal 3: Win Universal Access to Quality Health and Long-Term Care

In Washington, we have helped build the best long-term care system in the country, with high training standards, choices for consumers, and the groundbreaking social insurance program WA Cares. More people in Washington and Montana have access to healthcare because of our work helping to expand Medicaid. But we will need many more trained and well-paid workers to provide care for people with disabilities and our growing senior population.

Over the next 10 years, the number of people who need long-term care will rapidly outpace the caregiver workforce’s current growth. That means clients and family members may not be able to access the care they need in the location they want, and nursing home ratios of residents to caregivers could become even worse. There are real gaps in our long-term care system, and we must fight to ensure the people we care for can build a life of dignity.

To Win Universal Access to Quality Health and Long-Term Care, we must fight for: 

  • A Stronger Workforce. Strengthen and stabilize the in-home caregiving and nursing home workforce.
  • Expand Funding. Fight to expand access to Care along with consistent and adequate funding while electing and holding accountable politicians who support increasing funding for long-term care.
  • More Choice. Champion real and proven options for community-based long-term care.

Goal 4: Fight for Justice for All

There is no justice until there is justice for all. The majority of caregivers are women, and predominately Black women, Indigenous women, women of color and Immigrant women. Because of who we are, and who we care for, time and again care work has been left out of laws that protect other healthcare workers. The legacies of racism and sexism mean we constantly have to fight for the world that we, and those we care for, deserve.

That world sees our clients, our communities and ourselves living the best lives we can. Day in and day out we know what our clients need to survive, and more and more that means knowing how to support our clients and our communities when the worst happens – a heat wave, a wildfire, a “once in a lifetime” storm, a pandemic.

We are the essential workers that keep people safe. We need to create communities where we are valued and respected.

To achieve our vision of Justice for All, we must fight for: 

  • Equity. Fight against injustice in all forms, create communities where we are valued and included for our diversity, and center those with the least access to power in all of our work.
  • Economic Justice. Fight for living wages, affordable housing, accountability for corporate greed, and a tax system where the rich pay their fair share.
  • Climate Readiness. Help prepare our clients, residents, and communities for extreme weather and work towards a world where the air, water, and climate are safe for all of us.

“We are passionate about the work that we do and the people that we take care of. As caregivers who are Black and brown and immigrants, we’ve had to fight for everything. We have to fight to be seen and heard and recognized. And our commitment to ourselves and those we care for is what drives us to make change. We keep doing this work because we know what’s best for us and what’s best for the people we care for.”

Manuela “Nelly” Prieto, IP
Sunnyside, WA

We are not a group of people who lets the world happen to us.

We take the time to think about where we are, where we want to go, and the work it takes to get there.

We set goals. We build plans. We are unafraid to make changes.

We fight and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Our 2022 Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals reflect our plans the future. The fights we will undertake. The changes we will make.

Since we built SEIU 775 – the caregiver’s Union – we have the best standards for caregivers in the nation, we’ve passed historic legislation, and we’ve grown to include caregivers from Montana, and soon to be, Alaska.

Our wins didn’t happen by accident. They didn’t happen without a fight.

They happened because we worked together. Because we set goals and made plans. Because we are unafraid.

Together we are going to do amazing things in the next decade. Remember to VOTE YES and APPROVE our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals for the next decade of our work.

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