_X9A4875Together we fight, we win, we repeat, and we build. You recently received a ballot in the mail about proposed amendments to our Union’s Constitution and Bylaws. As the with the Executive Board, we strongly recommend you VOTE YES to approve these amendments.

The proposed amendments will:

  • Expand Our Leadership. Together we have built a strong Union. Voting yes will grow our board and will increase opportunities for leadership and representation.
  • Protect Our Union. Outside extremist organizations, like the Freedom Foundation, have put millions of dollars towards destroying our Union. Voting yes will ensure we have a fair election process free from outside interference and Big Money influence.
  • Maintain and Build Our Strength. Voting yes will ensure members can maintain their membership no matter what anti-worker decisions are made by politicians and judges.

The SEIU 775 Executive Board and Officers strongly recommend you VOTE YES on the ballot you received in the mail and adopt the proposed amendments to our Union’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Ballots are due back by May 8, 2018.

Your voice is important. Voting matters!

David Rolf, President
Adam Glickman, Secretary Treasurer
Sterling Harders, Vice President
Agustina Cardenas
Anna Rudova
Berta Alvarado
Darryl Johnson
Debbra Maul
Earlene Webster
Ed Solseng
Eden Thompson
Janie Hauff
Jessica Field
Karen “Lynn” Holman
Linda Lee
Linda Long
Manuel Brito
Margaret Singh
Melissa Ringer
Monique Taylor-Swan
Nelly Prieto
Pam Hansen
Rhonda Paul
Shazia Anwar
Shelly Hughes
Sun Benjamin
Susan Jaggers
Susan Young
Sylvia Liang
Tanika Aden
Valerie Anderson-Webb
Vera Kandrashuk
Winnifred Schafer

_X9A3889What is this election about?

Our Executive Board, which is 35 elected members and officers, passed a resolution to recommend the adoption of amendments to our Union’s Constitution and Bylaws.

The amendments will:

  • Expand our leadership so we can continue to win increases to wages, better benefits, and improve the lives of caregivers and our families.
  • Protect our elections from outside big money influence and attacks from extremist organizations.
  • Protect us against attacks from anti-worker decisions made by politicians and judges by ensuring no one unfairly loses their right to vote in Union elections or to ratify their Union contracts or support their Union by paying dues.

The Executive Board recommends a YES vote to support these changes.

When do I need to vote?

Ballots are due on May 8, 2018. To be sure your vote is counted, you should mail your ballot back as soon as possible.

How do I vote?

Please fill out the ballot – the Executive Board recommends you vote YES – and put it back in the mail as soon as possible. Remember to put the ballot in the security envelope before placing it in the return envelope. Postage is not required. Ballots are due back by May 8, 2018.

I don’t have a ballot – can I still vote?

If you were a member in good standing for the last month dues were processed for your bargaining unit, yes! Call the MRC: 1 (866) 371-3200 to see if you are eligible to vote and request a ballot if so.

_X9A4925Where can I read the proposed amendments?

The amendments are in your ballot, which you should have received in the mail. The envelope to look for is a large white envelope with our Union logo above the return address. The envelope says, “BALLOT INFORMATION ENCLOSED” on the front.