People holding signs that say "Hazard Pay Now"

“Kristi Stacy, a local nursing home caregiver and union member, said her facility has struggled with turnover since the pandemic started, which has only been exacerbated as caregivers themselves are forced to isolate and quarantine with cases growing and close contacts being identified.

‘We’re already understaffed as it is, and now we’ve got more coworkers that are out because they’ve been tested for COVID,’ Stacy said. She also pointed to the likelihood of coming PPE shortages, similar to what health care facilities experienced in mass at the beginning of the pandemic.

‘We were asked to reuse our N95 masks. We also struggled in not getting medical grade gloves, and we were asked to use deli grade gloves. During a pandemic, this is unacceptable,’ Stacy said. ‘Montana has seen spikes in the last month and we don’t want to go through a PPE shortage again.'”

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