Seattle leads nation with plan to raise minimum wage to $15

Labor and business reach landmark agreement to improve workers’ lives and fuel economy

SEATTLE (May 1, 2014) — David Rolf, president of SEIU Healthcare 775NW and vice president of SEIU, today issued the following statement in response to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s plan to raise the minimum wage in Seattle to $15:

“Raising Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 reaches far beyond the 100,000 workers who will benefit within the city limits. Today, Seattle workers send a clarion call to all working people in America. Workers can achieve a share of the American Dream when we act courageously, spur unrest and then unite in action to elect leaders like Mayor Ed Murray. As co-chair of the Income Inequality Advisory Committee, I want to thank Mayor Murray for his leadership, and recognize Howard Wright, my co-chair, and all the committee members including my brothers and sisters from the labor movement and the business community. I now urge the City Council to act swiftly. The agreement, born from the actions of brave fast-food workers, will pump nearly $500 million into Washington’s economy, proving that a higher minimum wage fuels business and job growth. Today, this victory is for Seattle. Tomorrow, as thousands of low-wage workers mobilize, we will stand down extremists who want to split apart our communities; we will demonstrate to doubters that middle-out economics benefits all; and we will rekindle the American pledge to leave a brighter future for the next generation.”

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