When workers come together to form a union, we take a powerful step to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.

The 50,000 caregivers of SEIU 775 – the caregivers Union – have built one of the most powerful unions in the Northwest. Together, we can create a better life for ourselves and for those we care for.

Interested in forming a union at your workplace? Contact an organizer by calling us at 844-734-8775 or by filling out the form below.

The Union Difference

Together, caregivers with SEIU 775 have won higher pay, affordable healthcare, and a powerful voice for clients and caregivers with our employers at the bargaining table and our legislators. Many have also won hazard pay, a retirement plan, and paid, high-quality training. You will be joining thousands of caregivers who have already proven that we can make the changes we need when we unite!

“When I started as a caregiver back in 1999, we didn’t have a Union. I was paid less than $7 an hour, had no PTO, no health insurance, and they didn’t even withhold income tax on my paychecks. Having benefits, like health insurance and retirement, are really wonderful. But I think what means the most to me is how we stand up for what is right and fight to be treated as the professionals that we are. It is us, the caregivers, whose voices are making the difference. We are the Union!”

– Miranda B., SEIU 775 member since 2005

How to Form a Union in your Workplace

Simply put, a union is you and your coworkers coming together to win improvements to wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Step 1: Contact Us. If you’re a caregiver in Washington, Montana, or Alaska caring for the elderly or developmentally disabled – whether you work for a home care agency, a nursing home, or in a group home for DD clients – you can form a union with SEIU 775. To learn more about forming a union in your workplace, you can fill out the form below, or contact us by calling 844-734-8775. We will call you back and talk about the next steps to forming your union and winning improvements for caregivers and clients.

Step 2: Talk to your Coworkers. Talk to your coworkers about what changes you want to see in your workplace. See if your fellow caregivers share your concerns about wages, benefits and working conditions.

Step 3: Vote for a Union. When a strong majority of you and your coworkers sign union cards and/or vote to form a union in a secret ballot election, and majority support is confirmed, we form our Union! Your employer will be required by law to negotiate a union contract with caregivers to address concerns about pay, benefits, and working conditions.

Step 4: Negotiate your Union contract. Only by forming a union can caregivers win the right to negotiate a union contract with the improvements we need. The bargaining table is where we negotiate our Union contract, and it’s where we fight for improvements to our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Step 5: Celebrate! Forming a Union is the first step to taking back our power and creating a better life for ourselves and our clients.