Current position openings with SEIU 775

Growth Department Administrative Assistant – Our Growth Department seeks an administrative assistant.
Posted 7/9/2015

MRC Administrative Assistant – Our inbound call center, the Member Resource Center (MRC), seeks an administrative assistant.
Posted 7/7/2015

Political and Advocacy OrganizerThe Political and Advocacy Organizer helps to develop and implement political and advocacy strategies to achieve the goals of SEIU 775.
Posted 6/23/2015

Media Relations Specialist – The Media Relations Specialist helps to develop and implement public communications and strategies, including earned, paid, and social media efforts.
Posted 6/23/2015

Member Resource Center Development Manager – The MRC needs a Development Manager to manage and coordinate customer service activities and representatives while meeting strategic goals and service level requirements.
Posted 6/19/2015

LiA Organizers (2 positions) - Organizers on the Leaders in Action team mentor, coach, teach, and foster the talents of our members, who are low-wage home care workers. Member Programs and Participation is seeking new LiA organizers in Eastern Washington,and Seattle.
Updated 6/23/2015

Growth Organizer - Organizers in our growth department help workers form unions by identifying and developing worker leaders, supporting worker action, and by mobilizing members and the community to support a pro-worker agenda.

Posted 4/27/2015

Homecare Field Manager - The field manager is responsible for developing and maintaining member leadership, recruiting and executing major union wide events, and developing and executing campaigns geared toward achieving the goals of the union.
Updated 1/7/2015

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