Join our internship programs

Visit or call your fellow caregivers to talk with them about the union’s political program and leadership opportunities!

SEIU 775 MCOI participants are part of an eight-week paid internship program in selected areas of Washington state, going door to door and doing house visits with members. MMS participants do similar work, but on the telephone.

MCOI/MMS duties

    • House visit or callĀ other SEIU 775 members
    • Identify potential activists and leaders you meet or talk to
    • Engage members to be part of the movement
    • Increase membership participation, including the Political Accountability Fund
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Mobilize new members to become involved in union activities
    • Continue to develop leadership skills by building our union in your turf with other active leaders and organizers after your internship is over

If you are interested in applying for one of these programs, watch your email and apply for the next session!

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