SEIU 775 caregivers across Montana came together, interviewed the people running for office in Montana, and are proud to endorse the following candidates for elected office.

Statewide Ballot Issues:

SEIU 775 caregivers support two 2020 ballot initiatives to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adult use, which will create jobs and strengthen Montana’s economy. The Marijuana taxes collected will contribute to the general fund and special revenue accounts including long-term healthcare in our state.  

Vote Yes on:

Constitutional Initiative 118 (CI-118) amends the Montana Constitution to allow the State to set the minimum legal age for purchasing, possessing, and consuming marijuana at 21. 

Statutory Initiative 190 (SI-190) legalizes marijuana for adult use, establishes a system to regulate state-licensed marijuana businesses, and puts a 20% tax on non-medical marijuana sales.  

Federal Candidates:

United States Senate

Steve Bullock

United States House of Representatives

Kathleen Williams

Statewide Candidates:


Mike Cooney

Attorney General

Raph Graybill

Secretary of State

Bryce Bennett

State Auditor

Shane Morigeau

Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Melissa Romano

Media Contact

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