Andrew Beane (he/him)

SEIU 775 Vice President

As Vice President, Andrew leads organizers and activists dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers and all working people through our Union’s member leadership, communications, data and technology, and research teams. He also leads and coordinates big events like the annual SEIU 775 Leadership Conference.  

Andrew joined SEIU 775 in 2004. During his time at 775 he has served in multiple roles including Research Director and Organizing Director. Early in his career, Andrew helped lead campaigns to bring Montana and nursing home workers into our Union. More recently, he helped lead the Fight for a Fair Economy and Fight for 15 campaigns in Washington State. Andrew serves on the SEIU 775 Secure Retirement Trust and SEIU 775 Training Partnership Boards.

Andrew grew up on the Olympic Peninsula and lives in South Seattle with his wife and daughter. He loves travelling to hear from member leaders across our Union, especially in Montana.