Care work is what allows the rest of the economy to run.

The Better Care, Better Jobs Act invests at least $400 billion in our caregiving system, which will turn home care jobs into good, union, family-sustaining jobs and get our communities the care they need.

It will transform the lives of workers all across the American economy by recognizing the human-centered infrastructure that keeps our communities running.

Crucially, the Better Care, Better Jobs Act will lift up the home care workforce, which is disproportionally Black women, Indigenous women, women of color and Immigrants. Supporting home care workers supports families and entire communities. 

During the pandemic, the federal government recognized the essential work of caregivers and increased funding for long-term care. But caregivers should always make a living wage, not just during a pandemic.

We can get Americans the care they need with a down payment of at least $400 billion over ten years, which could result in as many as 1 million new caregiving jobs, most of them in home care. States will be incentivized to expand access to home and community care services and build a sustainable workforce to serve those who need care. This investment will be based on the principle that taxpayer dollars should fund good jobs that can sustain families and lift up communities.

This plan is a huge step toward making sure caregivers and the people we care for get the dignity and respect we deserve.

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