After months of negotiation and an extra legislative session, we finally have information on how caregiver overtime will be implemented. There are some details still to be worked out, but here’s the short version: most caregivers who are already working more than 40 hours a week will continue to be able to work their same hours, and thousands of caregivers will see increased pay!

Starting April 3, caregivers will earn time and a half for all hours worked over 40 hours a week. 

IPOne, DSHS’s payroll system, needs to implement systems changes before overtime hours will be paid. We are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that everyone is back paid the overtime they are owed retroactive to April 3.

Caregivers who worked an average of 40 hours a week in January 2016 will be able to continue to get paid for up to 65 hours a week through June 30, 2017, and 60 hours a week after that. You will also be able to get an Exception to Rule (ETR) to be able to work additional hours beyond that for your client.

Almost 5000 caregivers will see millions of dollars in increased pay thanks to overtime! 

The details of this still have to be worked out, but caseworkers will be reviewing all clients who are getting more than 65 hours of care per week from a single caregiver. None of them will get their hours cut, but some may be told they need to shift hours above 65 per week to a second provider. If you currently provide more than 65 hours a week you will be able to apply for an Exception to Rule (ETR). First, your client will be assessed—details on that process are forthcoming. Then, the ETR should be filed with your caseworker, but if you need help preparing your ETR at that time, our Member Resource Center will be able to help: call 1 (866) 371-3200 or email

If you work more than 65 hours a week and you aren’t able to get an ETR to keep working those hours, we may also be able to find other ways to help you and your client get the hours you need.

There are still details to be worked out, and we will keep you updated as this rolls out over the next few weeks.

Our movement of tens of thousands of caregivers demands that caregiver voices are heard. When we fight, we win. 

This post has been edited to reflect the correct start date for time-and-a-half pay: April 3. It was later edited to note that caregivers will not see overtime on their checks right away, but will get backpay to April 3 once IPOne implements systems changes.

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