September 30, 2022

Actualizaciones sobre el COVID-19: hazard pay (pago de riesgo), PPE y financiación para los cuidadores

Actualización del 20 de junio del 2022: hazard pay (pago de riesgo) ¡Logramos una gran victoria en esta legislative session (sesión legislativa) al asegurar el hazard pay (pago de riesgo) para los trabajadores de atención domiciliaria hasta junio del 2023! Como puede ver en el siguiente cuadro, el hazard pay (pago de riesgo) seguirá disminuyendo […]

SEIU 775

Stronger Together: August 2022 Newsletter

SEIU 775 Sisters, Brothers, Siblings, This summer has been filled with caregivers taking action in ways we haven’t had a chance to do in the past couple years. As you’ll read in this newsletter, we’ve had caregivers come together in Washington, Montana, and even Alaska for pickets, bargaining, political education, celebrations, and more! And, in […]

WA News Service | May 19, 2022

Inflation Eroding WA Caregivers’ Gains in Pandemic Hazard Pay

“At the start of the pandemic, at-home caregivers in Washington state saw their wages go up with a boost from hazard pay. Two years later, inflation is erasing the pay bump. Wages actually have gone up for caregivers from $19 per hour in May 2020 to $19.26 today, but inflation means the purchasing power of […]

SEIU 775 | May 10, 2022

Big wins this year: May 2022 Newsletter

Union Sisters, Brothers, Siblings, Caregivers came together and raised our voices in a BIG way in Olympia this year. Because of the thousands of contacts between caregivers and legislators, we’ve won on many of our big priorities! Last year, we kicked off our Time for $20 campaign. And now we’ve won funding to extend our […]

The higher cost of driving lands heavily for those scraping by in the Seattle area

LAKEWOOD — “Look at that,” said Dora Poqui, nodding toward her television as it flashed a preview of the evening news. “Every time I see the news. $5.27 for gasoline. I know our pockets are going to be hurting this week.” In fact, Poqui’s pockets hurt most weeks lately. Gone are the days when she […]

The Frontiersman | March 17, 2022

We need you to stand with us to support seniors, people with disabilities, and children

“Since 1997, I’ve worked as an unpaid caregiver for my family members, and I understand the importance of caregiving on a very personal level. 25 years later, you would think our state’s caregiving industry would be in a better position, but it’s actually harder to find a caregiver since COVID-19. Why? Because many who have […]

Public News Service | February 18, 2022

At-Home Caregivers Say It’s ‘Time for $20’ in WA

At-home caregivers in Washington state have experienced a boost in wages to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new campaign is urging lawmakers to make the pay increase permanent. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 775’s “Time for $20” campaign calls on lawmakers to raise hourly wages for workers who care for people in their homes and […]

KBZK | November 5, 2021

Home Care workers in Montana hope for passage of Build Back Better Plan

BOZEMAN – There has been an ongoing discussion in Washington on how much to spend for President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Anna Volkersz, a home care worker in Bozeman—says the waiting is costly not only for her but for her clients. “It takes a special person to do what we’re doing,” says Volkersz “We help […]

KING 5 | October 18, 2021

At-home nurses contracted by Washington state do not have to get COVID-19 vaccine

SEATTLE — Thousands of state workers caring for some of Washington’s most vulnerable people are not included in Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate. This includes individual providers who care for people in their own homes. The job could mean administering medication, helping with bathing or running errands. The Department of Social and Health Services says […]

The Columbian | August 11, 2021

In-home caregivers deserve a living wage

“When the State of Washington stepped up and started paying hazard pay of between $2.50 and $3 an hour during the pandemic — by directing federal dollars to those of us on the front lines of health care — it made a huge difference. With these increased wages, I was able to save up enough […]