A history of fighting and winning

Fifteen years ago, caregivers came together and we started SEIU 775. Back then, we made $7.18 per hour with no benefits – no health care, no retirement, no vacation or sick leave (PTO), no workers compensation (L&I), no professional training, and no respect.

Since then, by uniting together, standing strong, and making our voices heard, we have doubled those wages – and experienced caregivers earn even more.

And at the same time, we’ve never faced a greater and more organized extremist organization, like the Freedom Foundation. They are trying to take us back to 2001, take away our power, silence our voices, and destroy all that we have fought and worked for. But we’re stronger than extremists.

We know the truth: Caregivers fight for those we care for and each other. That means caregivers don’t back down. We stand together and we win!

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1 (866) 371-3200

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