Long-term care services and home care jobs are under attack in the Montana Legislature.

Caregivers in Montana are standing together to put corporate-backed, Republican representatives on notice.

Our union—SEIU 775—is fighting these outrageous budget cuts. 

Montana SEIU 775 members sent letters to GOP legislators informing them that the $84 million proposed to long-term care are dangerous for clients, critical home care jobs at risk, and their families’ future.

Anna, a long-term care worker who lives in Bozeman, MT says:

“If these devastating cuts are passed, my job, my client’s well-being, and my family’s future are all at risk. My client of eight years lives with cerebral palsy, which means he needs assistance with everything. I provide the care he needs, so he can continue to live in his home. 

If his hours are cut, he’ll be forced to leave his home and find care that ultimately costs our state more money. I cannot sit idly by and let this happen.”

A team of members is also calling other caregivers throughout Montana urging them to join this fight.

Montanans need the Legislature to invest in long-term care. As individuals, we might not be heard, but standing together our voices are powerful.

Your help is critical. Thank you for taking a stand with us!

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