There’s no other way to say it – IPOne has been a disaster from Day 1.

From their botched first weeks to the constant problems with PTO and taxes, it’s clear DSHS has done an awful job with this new payroll system.

Time and time again SEIU 775 has had to step in and put pressure on DSHS and IPOne to fix their mistakes.

When We Stand Together, We Win!

Recently, our union turned up the heat, and members flooded them with angry emails. It made a difference.

While there are still tons of problems, progress is being made. Here are a few examples:

  • We’ve won a $125,000 settlement to compensate caregivers for expenses caregivers incurred due to late pay or incorrect pay (predures on how to get reimbursement will be finalize and distributed in the next few weeks).
  • Caregivers have now all been paid for all the overtime they earned starting last April! And we are still fighting to demand the state pay interest on the back pay.
  • We’ve gotten them to fix most of the problems with accruing PTO and PTO balances should now be correct (let us know if they still aren’t!)
  • Dozens of caregivers will soon be getting back-pay because they weren’t being paid their 25-cent differential for completing advanced training

Our union has helped dozens of individual caregivers navigate IPOne’s awful customer service center and get their problems fixed.

We Are Still Working To Fix Problems

We know that there are still tons of problems, and we are filing new grievances almost every day on behalf of members who have wrong paychecks, wrong tax statements, or other problems. Here’s two things to know:

  • We have heard from caregivers across the state about their taxes being wrong. If you think your taxes were withheld wrong or your W2 is wrong, please email your organizer and tell us exactly what the problem is.
  • There also continue to be lots of other individual problems with IPOne. If you have a problem either with the IPOne or your paychecks, email your organizer and we’ll follow up with you.

By staying strong together, our union will work through the IPOne problems, fight for improvements and win back pay for our members. Let’s keep up this fight going until they get their act together!

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