The Freedom Foundation hates Unions, especially SEIU 775 

  • The Freedom Foundation opposed raising the minimum wage, opposed paid sick leave, and fought against increased wages and benefits for home care workers.
  • The Freedom Foundation has repeatedly tried to get names and contact information for all home care workers, and even sends people door to door to harass caregivers and their clients.
  • The Freedom Foundation is now involved in a criminal investigation for buying stolen lists of home care workers’ names and contact information.

This is just more of the same

  • The quotes from “SEIU employees” and about caregivers comes from an anonymous website that doesn’t verify information.
  • There is no proof any of these quotes are actually from SEIU employees.
  • That said, SEIU employs more than 100 people. Overall, we have a very positive and satisfied staff and very low turnover. As with any job, there are people who don’t work out and don’t like the job, and there are people who get fired. Sometimes, disgruntled former staff who are fired attack their employers like this. That does not make it true.

Another desperate attack

  • This is a desperate attack on our founding President, David Rolf. He did not violate the SEIU Ethics Policy or the Union’s by-laws. It’s true that a consulting firm his wife worked for had a small contract with the Union in 2016. This was a consulting firm the union had worked with well before his wife joined their firm, and has continued to work with after she left that firm. Ms. Rolf did not work on the contract, did not personally benefit from the contract, and President Rolf was not involved in the decision to contract with them.
  • David Rolf helped found this union and has led us from making $7/hour with no benefits 15 years ago to making $15/hour with affordable healthcare, PTO, retirement benefits, and more.

We’re stronger when we’re together. We’ve got this!

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