A group of people holding a sign that says "Aegis Workers need a living wage"

Facts Aegis Living Management and CEO Dwayne Clark don’t want you to know:

  1. Aegis Living is worth over $3 billion dollars[1] (in real estate alone) and CEO Dwayne Clark is worth over $500 million[2] yet the staff at Aegis Living are paid less than a living wage.[3] 
  2. Aegis Living settled a class action lawsuit for $16.25 million WA & CA residents after a class-action lawsuit claiming that Aegis Senior Communities LLC violated consumer protection and elder abuse laws by misleading residents and families about staffing levels.[4]
  3. Aegis Living has EIGHT Unfair Labor Practices filed against them SINCE June 2023.[5]

[1] Entrepreneur, Dwayne Clark Profile. “The company is on track to have operating revenues of over $300 million in 2020, with real estate holdings approaching $3 billion.

[2] Investor Times (2023), Dwayne Clark Net Worth. “As of 2023, Dwayne Clark’s estimated net worth is $500 million.”

[3] Seattle Times (2023), WA renters need to earn twice the minimum wage to afford rent. “A new data analysis released Wednesday found that a Washington renter needs to earn $30.33 an hour to afford the typical one-bedroom apartment in the state without spending more than 30% of their income on housing costs, a standard measure of affordability. In the Seattle and Bellevue area, a renter would need to make even more: $40.38, or $84,000 a year.”

[4] Aegis Living settles staffing lawsuit for $16.25 million despite ‘fervently disputed’ allegations. McKnights Senior Living.

[5] National Labor Relations Board website, accessed May 15, 2024

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