The Guardian | November 7, 2023

US nursing home workers face ‘catastrophic crisis’ of understaffing

The Guardian | November 7, 2023 “But, workers and labor experts say, short-staffing in the crucial US industry has persisted after the pandemic, with grave impacts on patient care and residents’ wellbeing, and spiraling burnout that has become pervasive in the care industry. “Most of the time, I want to cry when I see things […]

Institute for Policy Studies' newsletter

Fighting Chronic Understaffing in Nursing Homes

Institute for Policy Studies’ newsletter | November 1, 2023 “I walk out of work each morning feeling like my best wasn’t enough,” certified nurse aide Shelly Hughes told a recent Congressional hearing. “I’ve dedicated my life to this work, but because of short staffing I feel helpless and defeated.” Hughes regularly faces the daunting […]

Marketplace | October 25, 2023

As the need for nursing homes grows, nurses are in short supply

Marketplace | October 25, 2023 In written testimony submitted for a congressional hearing on the topic, Shelly Hughes, a member of the Service Employees International Union from Washington, said: “On average, nursing assistants support 13 residents during a typical shift, but I’ve spoken with CNAs who have been responsible for upwards of 30 residents — […]
Caregiver Melissah Watts helps her son with breakfast

September 20, 2023

SEIU 775 Endorses Bob Ferguson for WA Governor 2024

Monday, September 18, 2023 In 2024, Washington voters will elect a new governor to run our State government. This election will impact our lives as caregivers, and it’s up to us to ensure caregivers and our key issues are top priorities for our future governor. For years, before Governor Inslee, we fought for raises. We […]

Public News Service | September 14, 2023

Relief as WA Home Care Aides’ Kids Get Health Coverage Access

Public News Service | September 14, 2023 “Home care aides in Washington state are seeing the benefits of health coverage for their kids. Members of the Service Employees International Union Local 775 who take care of people at home now have access to health care for their dependents. For caregiver Dani Rice, this is a […]

September 8, 2023

CDWA Updates

9/21/23 Update: This morning CDWA let us know that there is a system glitch in the Caregiver Portal, and many caregivers are seeing their shifts in the portal noted as “ready to be paid” but not “paid.” This is obviously causing a lot of confusion and fear since payday is tomorrow. There was a technical […]

The Seattle Times | September 5, 2023

How new federal staffing requirements affect WA nursing homes

“Nursing homes across the U.S. will have minimum staffing level requirements as part of a proposed federal order by the Biden administration to address conditions at the long-term facilities that were ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic… Adam Glickman, secretary-treasurer of SEIU 775, which represents long-term care workers in Washington and Montana, called the proposed rules […]

Public News Service | June 30, 2023

WA Long-Term Care Benefits Program Lifts Off in July

Public News Service | June 27, 2023 A fund to provide long-term care to Washingtonians starts this week. Workers will start paying into the Washington or WA Cares Fund starting this Saturday. In 2026, they’ll have access to up to $36,500 in benefits. Julie Sparkman, an in-home caregiver who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, […]

June 13, 2023

WA Cares

워싱턴주의 장기 요양 사회 보험 프로그램 우리들 대부분은 장기 요양이 필요한 순간에 대해 전혀 준비가 되어 있지 않습니다. 이 때문에 2019년 간병인들은 미국 최초의 장기 요양 사회 보험 프로그램인 WA Cares를 통과시키기 위해 싸웠습니다. WA Care를 이용하면 급여의 1% 미만을 납부하면서 (몇 년간 납부한 후) 최대 $36,500(물가 상승률에 따라 매년 증가)의 혜택을 받을 수 있는데, 여기에는 […]

June 13, 2023

WA Cares

华盛顿州长期护理社会保险计划 当我们需要长期护理服务时,大多数人都没有为此做好准备。因此,护理人员在 2019 年争取通过了 WA Cares — 全美首个长期护理社会保险计划。有了 WA Cares,我们只需要支付不到工资的 1%,并且(在供款几年之后)将获得高达 36500 美元的福利(随着通货膨胀每年增加)来支付长期护理服务费用,包括由家庭成员或专业护理人员提供的家庭护理,或者 Nursing home(疗养院)护理。 华盛顿州的工作者通过工资扣缴(每 100 美元工资扣缴 0.58 美元)向 WA Cares 福利供款。这项高达 36500 美元的长期护理保险福利(随着通货膨胀每年增加)将于 2026 年开始。 访问 了解关于 WA Cares 福利的更多内容。  访问 了解为什么护理人员和其他人士支持 WA Cares。 点击此处,了解 WA Cares 将在您的社区产生的影响。