Starting in 2021, about 250 IPs in Lewis, Mason, and Thurston counties will be transitioning to a “Consumer-Directed Employer” (CDE) as part of the pilot. This page is for IPs who have been selected by DSHS to begin this transition on September 1, 2021. You should have already received communications from DSHS and CDWA informing you of your participation in this pilot group. These steps must be completed between September 1 and 24, 2021 to make sure you are paid on time.

How you and your client can begin the Transition to Consumer Direct WA (CDWA) now

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  1. Confirm your access to the DirectMyCare web portal. You should have received an email from CDWA at  That email contains your personalized CDWA login link. If you DID NOT get that email call CDWA at 866-214-9899.  
  2. Complete the questions.
  3. Complete your hiring documents. To do this, you will need:
    1. Your bank account number and bank or credit union routing number, if you are choosing to be paid via direct deposit. These can be found on your checks.
    2. Your current driver’s license and proof of insurance, if you drive your Client. 
    3. Your I-9 documents to confirm you are eligible to work in the United States.  A comprehensive list of documents can be found here and proof can include a U.S. passport or a permanent resident card along with other documents. 
  4. Complete your paid 2-hour CDWA employment orientation. Through CDWA’s employment portal you will get links to your paid two-hour employment orientation.

Get Help and Contact CDWA

If you need help or have questions, contact CDWA at:

Toll-Free Phone Number: 866-214-9899  

Multiple live questions and help sessions will be held online to help IPs in this pilot phase. Go to CDWA’s website and register for the CDWA Pilot: Hiring Support Session webinars.

General topic webinars, such as Client Responsibility, Payroll Schedule Change and Work Week Limits, can be registered for here. All webinar recordings can be found here.

For more information on the move to CDWA, including a FAQ, please visit

More Info:

DSHS has selected Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA) to be the Consumer-Directed Employer. While consumers (e.g., clients) will still direct the daily tasks of IPs as required by the CARE Plan, CDWA will replace the State of Washington as the legal employer for IPs.  

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