9/21/23 Update:

This morning CDWA let us know that there is a system glitch in the Caregiver Portal, and many caregivers are seeing their shifts in the portal noted as “ready to be paid” but not “paid.” This is obviously causing a lot of confusion and fear since payday is tomorrow.

There was a technical issue at CDWA that – according to them – did not actually impact payroll but DID affect how the shifts look in the Portal. CDWA says shifts marked as “ready to be paid” are actually being paid, and will be in your paycheck tomorrow.

If your paycheck tomorrow is not correct, please contact the MRC at mrc@seiu775.org (fastest way right now) or by phone 1.866.371.3200. It is not acceptable if CDWA pays us incorrectly, or late. Together, we will hold CDWA accountable. We deserve to be treated, and compensated, like the healthcare professionals we are.

9/8/23 Update

You may have received an email from CDWA about your Continuing Education (CE) requirements. SEIU 775 is holding CDWA and DSHS accountable to ensure that caregivers who complete their training are able to continue providing care to the people we care for.

We are working with caregivers and the Training Partnership – to ensure that everyone gets credit for their completed training and can continue working if they fulfilled all their training requirements.

If you still need to complete your CEs: We have also worked to make sure that the Training Partnership will continue to provide access to free continuing education classes for up to 60 days for IPs who did not complete their training by the August 31 deadline.

  • To complete your CEs, log in to My Benefits and go to the Caregiver Learning Center to enroll in online CEs, in-person classes, or webinars.
  • If you missed the initial deadline, find information on how to get back on track at CDWA’s website. (www.consumerdirectwa.com/2023/09/continuing-education-deadline/)
  • After CE completion, it may take up to 5 days to reflect in the system. So please wait till 5 business before calling or emailing the MRC.

If you completed your CEs, AND CDWA is wrong: Our Union has been holding CDWA accountable. If you think CDWA is missing some of your credits and you aren’t allowed to work, please contact the MRC (email is fastest) at mrc@seiu775.org or 1-866-371-3200. The MRC is available from 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Please note: the Member Resource Center is experiencing higher than usual wait times due to the recent training deadline. We are trying to respond to your calls and emails as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience during this time

We will continue to fight to make sure caregivers get the respect we deserve.

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