Thanks to all your efforts, IP caregivers in Washington have a tentative agreement on our 2019-2021 contract with the State of Washington! (Ballots are coming out soon.) Even after we approve a contract, it’s not a done deal: Next spring, we’ll need everyone’s help to make sure the Legislature approves funding.

We did it!

Significant raises for all home care workers. A top wage of over $20 an hour. Increased retirement. Continued affordable healthcare.

These are some of the things we won in our next contract – thanks to the work we all did together: All our calls. All our emails. All of us who got in front of a phone camera to make a video to tell the governor how hard we work and how much we need pay raises and good health and retirement benefits.

Every single thing we did made a difference.

We raised our voices together again until we were too loud to be ignored — and now we’ve won a contract we can be proud of!

Here’s what’s in the tentative agreement:

  • Raises for all caregivers every six months
  • Wage increases of at least 8% for all IP caregivers over the two years of the contract
  • By June 2021, IPs’ minimum hourly wages will be $16.72, and the top hourly wage will be $19.07.
  • The most experienced caregivers with certification and advanced training will make more than $20 an hour!
  • Full funding to cover healthcare inflation and protect our healthcare, and money to continue and expand programs like “Caregiver Kicks” to keep caregivers healthy and safe on the job!
  • Full funding to continue Carina as it expands statewide!
  • Full funding for training, including more money for advanced training!
  • A big increase for our retirement!

This contract covers Individual Providers, but it’s also going to change the lives of Agency Providers, who bargain their contracts based on the improvements that IP caregivers make.

Soon, Individual Providers will get ballots in the mail to vote on ratifying this contract. We unanimously recommend voting YES!

Then, this winter and spring, we’re going to need all hands on deck again to make sure the Washington Legislature approves the funding for the contract.

For now, though, take a minute to pat yourselves and each other on the back for all our hard work in helping make these contract negotiations a big success.

Thank you so much for everything you did to make this happen. Caregivers were counting on you – and, just like always, you came through.

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