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You can download the latest copy of your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) below and find the latest information on COVID-19 Hazard Pay for IPs and APs below or here. If you have any questions about your contract, please contact our Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200.

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Washington: Individual Providers

Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA)

Consumer Direct of Washington CBA 2023-2025

State of Washington (CDWA)

State of Washington CBA 2021-2023

2022-2023 Reopener Wages

IP Impact Bargaining Wins

Washington: Agency Providers

Addus Washington

Addus WA 2023-2025 Tentative Agreement

Addus WA 2021-2023 CBA

Addus COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

All Ways Caring (ResCare Home Care)

All Ways Caring 2023-2025 CBA

Amicable Healthcare

Amicable Healthcare 2023-2025 Tentative Agreement

Amicable Healthcare CBA 2021-2023

Amicable COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

Catholic Community Services

CCS 2023-2025 Tentative Agreement

CCS CBA 2021-2023

CCS COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay


Chesterfield 2023-2025 CBA

Concerned Citizens

Concerned Citizens 2023-2025 CBA

First Choice In-Home Care

First Choice In-Home Care 2023-2025 TA

First Choice In-Home Care CBA 2021-2023

First Choice COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

Full Life Care

Full Life Care 2023-2025 TA

Full Life Care 2023-2025 TA Adult Day Health Rates and Wages

Full Life Care CBA 2021-2023

Full Life Care COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay


KWA 2023-2025 TA

KWA CBA 2021-2023

KWA COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

Millennia Healthcare

Millennia 2023-2025 TA

Millennia CBA 2021-2023

Millennia COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

Washington: Nursing Homes and Supported Living


Parkside 2022-2025 CBA

Talbot 2022-2023 CBA

Avalon Pullman

Avalon Pullman CBA 2022-2024

Wage Scale MOU 2022-2023

Avalon Pullman MOU Wage Increase

2023 Caldera Transition MOU


Avamere 2022-2024 CBA

Caldera, Pollock Caldera Fir Lane, and Pollock Calder North Auburn

Caldera 2023-2025 Tentative Agreement

Caldera CBA 2021-2023

2022 Caldera MOU

2023 Caldera Transition MOU

Cascadia of Clarkston

Cascadia Clarkston CBA 2022-2024

Cascadia Clarkston MOU 2022-2024

Cascadia of Colfax

Colfax of Cascadia 2022-2024 CBA

Colfax of Cascadia 2022-2024 MOU

Cascadia of Colville

Cascadia of Colville 2022-2024 CBA


Communitas 2023-2026 CBA

Evergreen EmpRes

EmpRes CBA 2022-2024

Evergreen EmpRes MOU 2024

Evergreen EmpRes Wage Scale MOU 2024

Health Care Services Forest Ridge

Health Care Services Forest Ridge CBA 2020-2021

Horizon House

Horizon House CBA 2021-2024

Hyatt North Central Care Center

Hyatt North Central Care Center CBA 2022-2024

Hyatt North Central Care Center Wage Reopener MOU 2024

Hyatt Shuksan

Hyatt Shuksan CBA 2022 – 2024

Hyatt Shuksan Wage Reopener MOU 2024

NewGen Ballard

NewGen Ballard CBA 2021-2024

NewGen Ballard MOU 2023


Prestige CBA 2022-2024

Prestige Wage Reopener MOU 2023

Providence Mother Joseph

Providence Mother Joseph CBA 2022-2025

Providence Mount St. Vincent

Providence Mount St. Vincent CBA 2022-2025

PMSV NAC Resident Assistant Wage Increase MOU 7/9/2021

Fully Executed PMSV CAN resident Asst MOU

PMSV Recreation Therapists and LPN Wage Increase MOU 10.20.21 (002)

Providence St. Joseph

Providence St. Joseph CBA 2019-2021

ResCare Residential

ResCare Residential CBA 2022-2024

ResCare COVID-19 Impact Bargaining & Hazard Pay

ResCare Residential Wage Scale MOU

Vancouver Specialty

Vancouver Specialty CBA 2021-2023

Montana: Agency Providers

Addus Montana

Addus MT 2023-2025 CBA

Consumer Direct Montana

Consumer Direct Montana 2023-2025 TA

Home Care Services Montana

Home Care Services Montana 2023-2025 CBA

Montana: Nursing Homes and Supported Living


AWARE CBA 2022-2023

Evergreen EmpRes Missoula

EmpRes Missoula CBA 2021-2023

EmpRes Missoula MOU 2022

Evergreen EmpRes Missoula MOU 2024

Evergreen EmpRes Missoula Wage Scale MOU 2024

Libby of Cascadia

Libby of Cascadia CBA 2020-2023

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